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Paint the Town Review – Is this A Scam or A Site to Avoid

Paint the Town Review – Is this A Scam or A Site to Avoid

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I received the exact same letter TedTalk, I guess our letters were mailed in the same batch. I am not sure the authorities have the time to deal with it.

This well drafted and thought out scam preys on the guilty mind. I am curious as to how they obtained my address or why I was selected.

Do you by any chance have a Bitcoin account with CoinBase? I wonder if there is a breach there? DId your letter have the same Bitcoin ransom account identified in my original reply?

I didn't report it but will now. You can report that to the FTC at www. My husband and I also are victims. An email was attempted to be sent to my email address, but Norton intercepted it and sent it to my junk mail.

The somehow obtained an outdated password I have not used in years -- probably from an unsecured website that we may have visited, and they used that password to try to scare me into believing they had hacked our personal computer.

Well, that did not scare me because earlier that day I had our computer specialist complete a tune up on our computer and he also conducted an anti-virus scan, and our computer was clean.

So upon receiving that email, I first checked Task Manager to determine if I was the only user actively using the computer and also the processes, and everything was normal.

And then I ran another scan and the only breach were several tracking cookies which are low risk. I then contacted my computer technician and he thoroughly checked out our computer and re-ran the anti-virus scan, and nothing had been compromised on our computer.

I then proceeded to a site I use that utilizes a password that was similar to the one the criminal obtained, and I changed that password -- and no one -- and I mean no one - would be able to guess - nor any binary system -- the password I chose.

I still need to report this crime they committed to the FBI -- but let me tell you this - the FBI will never find the criminal, because this is how these criminals operate.

There is not just one person generating these cyber terrorist emails -- they are being generated by a computer that sends out the same message to millions of computers across the U.

These criminals take classes, I have been told my a previous computer technician, on how to commit these cyber crimes -- so they know how to mask their IP addresses and other ways for law enforcement to identify their computers.

And then --unless it is a matter of National Security, the FBI does not have the power to extradite those criminals -- and even if they did, their own Country will not allow for that.

In addition -- unless you have an actual loss of property - unless you lose money, law enforcement's hands are tied - I have been told - by my local police department.

It makes me feel better to report these creeps to the FBI -- but their scope is limited. So I do not look to law enforcement to protect me until there is an actual loss of money or my computer is locked out by them and my computer is being held for ransom -- No.

The best protection any of us have is this -- check out the validity of any email address if you do not recognize it -- and do not open it unless you do or verify its authenticity.

Hackers generally gain access to your computer through loading Trojan Horses and Viruses by you downloading links and attachments in emails and also by you downloading applications onto your computer from illegitimate websites -- and computer thieves also know how to replicate a website with only a slight change to their email address -- so check out the website address too in your browser before you do any business with that website -- and do not do any transaction with any business without the https included in their browser website address.

Hackers also can access your computer with you simply opening their email they send you, if the sender allows scripting. So if you don't trust or recognize the email address, don't open it - and if you need to, have your trusted computer specialist assist you in person or by remote -- because that is one way that hackers get you to open your email -- it keeps nagging your curiosity as to what the email is about -- trust me -- if it is sent to your junk mail, just do not open it without a computer expert at your side who is totally trained in IT issues.

Well, I hope what I have shared is helpful. And yes, change your passwords often, or when you sniff something is not quite right - but make sure your computer is not compromised first -- because if it has been, you don't want to change your passwords if the criminal has infected your computer with a key logger virus.

Had a similar scam- I responded and messed with them a little. He sent me an email back with 4 digits of my phone and 3 digits of two of my credit cards.

The fact that he has some of my cc info is getting me worried. I just opened a letter this morning, and for a second was spooked, but then angry.

I eventually shredded it sender's online name had the word 'Black' and something else - maybe BlackAngel? I received the very same email this morning.

Had one of my passwords along with the email regarding porn site and webcam video of me, said they got all of my FB contacts, etc and would send them all this video of me.

I surely know this is NOT me. I am going to forward email to authorities as well. Don't these people have better things to do????

I got an email giving one of my logins information. They said that they had a record of different web sites I visited and took over my camera and have video of me as well.

Use the link in this blog to report to the FBI at www. The FTC needs to create a complaint category for this particular e-crime.

Going to "Other" and "no match found" didn't help, because the questions are irrelevant. There is no one company or individual sending them.

There is no porn attached, but a threat to reveal porn sites I've allegedly visited not! I am sick of getting these insulting and threatening emails three in the last few weeks.

Even though they have nothing on me, these extortionists need to be brought to justice. There is something seriously wrong with a world where a dairy farmer can be busted for selling raw milk to a willing adult, but blackmailers are free to conduct their "business" with impunity!

Hi, I too am a woman and have in the last week received two of similar emails. I immediately changed passwords etc and deleted the email and I don't live in the USA.

Hope that something is done to sort this out. I received this letter this morning and have reported it to the FBI. Not sure how this one got through.

Can confirm as found by IT Professional August 22, above that the password they displayed to me was a very old LinkedIn password.

I never used LinkedIn since registering I guess from the data breach. This sort of process is possible due to an ability of the criminal to get anonymously paid using Bitcoin protocol.

I find it difficult to understand why all branches of the US Government have taken a laissez-faire approach to fight untraceable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, instead of issuing a full ban.

Today, someone sent me an outdated password as "proof" that my computer is hacked, tomorrow someone will hack a local hospital with ransomware and demand an actionable sum in exchange for records.

Unless the FBI and the FTC take this issue seriously, legitimate businesses and citizens will end up buying Bitcoin to get their data back.

Why are we still being subjected to this trash only because someone had decided that cryptocurrency is a legitimate process? Think about this FTC - by failing to place a full ban on Bitcoin in the United States you are not only facilitating money laundering operations, you are placing the entire financial market at risk.

Act now, legally, because there are also illegal ways to kill Bitcoin. The first had a password that I had used. Later I got an email from my email with the password.

All claimed it had infected my computer, copied all my contacts, and activated my camera on my computer while I was on a porn site to record my actions.

Copied all the emails to spam uce. My email provider noted to me that the address that showed as mine was spoofed, even thoug they did have my email's correct password.

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August 21, by Cristina Miranda. Thanks For The Info! Tzarita88 August 21, reply. The answer to this latest criminality is just simply to NOT use bitcoins.

Hana August 21, reply. Cibil August 21, reply. JC August 22, reply. Just Me October 21, reply. August 21, reply.

Einstein August 28, reply. Elf August 21, reply. How can I make this as spam on my iPhone? Archo August 22, reply.

I just want to know how to report to FBI? PonderosaOH August 21, reply. Berryman August 21, reply. I got a similar scam over a week ago but it was directed towards porn.

Matt October 2, reply. Me August 22, reply. Concerned consumer August 22, reply. My sister and co-worker received this e-mail.

I will let them know. IT Professional August 22, reply. Frustrated guy August 30, reply. PartyHardyDude September 2, reply. I am NOT the guy to sabotage.

I got great knowledge so hire me asap and let's collaborate. The problem with this particular scam is that initially, there is often no cost to you.

This is a disturbing, but not uncommon, real estate scam that makes victims of homeowners and renters alike.

In this one, enterprising con artists will look for homes that will be abandoned for an extended period of time — often while the actual homeowner is on an extended vacation or is working in another state or even country — and posts listings for the home online.

Sometimes the con artist will break into the home and change the locks. Many people who run this type of scam will forge official looking documents for the renter to sign and will then collect rent until the scam is discovered.

The end result is always the same. There are a few ways this one works. Sometimes the perpetrator is a con artist who works the scam much the same way as the scam we talked about above with vacation or seasonal homes.

Other times, the homeowner themselves are the perpetrator. When the eviction date arrives, the new family will have no choice but to leave although in some cases, the bank will allow the new family to stay in the home for up to three months so they can try to find another place to live.

Another common foreclosure scam involved a fake agent selling a foreclosed on home. A fake agent will gain access to the home often breaking in and will take a family on a tour of the home.

Often they offer a far lower than market value price on the home to entice buyers. When a buyer decides they are interested in the home, the fake agent will take a deposit and give the buyer a fake phone number.

After taking the deposit, the fake agent will have the buyer sign a fake property title deed most of the time, but not all of the time and promise to meet said buyer at the home on a specific date to give the buyer the keys to the home.

In this scam, a fake real estate agent will post a fake rental listing for a home that is actually for sale. Should the buyer ask about the low price, the fake agent will tell the buyer the person who owns the home has to rent out the property quickly because they are leaving the state for a job, school or something along those lines.

The fake agent will take a deposit from any and all interested buyers, have the buyers sign fake rental agreements and will then disappear.

This one is especially dangerous because it is often a multi-layer scam. This is another big one and it is nearly impossible to catch the perpetrator.

For this one, the con artist will target out of town renters who are looking for a temporary home while visiting a city for work on while on vacation.

The con artist will list a real home for apartment as a temporary rental and then ask potential renters to wire money to cover the security deposit and rent.

Working with a real estate agent can be the best way to protect yourself against many of these scams but you need to do your homework. Make sure the agent you are working with is licensed.

Check online reviews of your agent. Ask your agent questions. If someone you know has purchased a home or rented an apartment, ask if they used an agent, who that agent was and what their impressions were.

Con artists rarely do legitimate sales or rentals so if your friend or family member got what they were promised from an agent, that agent is probably okay.

Second, avoid using cash or wiring money. Even though you may be offered a receipt for cash transactions, that may not necessarily be enough to protect you.

In after what I view as the smoke and mirror real estate scam-a-thon of the past 15 years I again see real estate creeps trying to pawn off their overpriced garbage especially in California and Florida.

I personally stay clear of real estate. I do not want a massive debt on my back that cannot ever be paid in an economy teetering on the edge of financial disaster.

My daughter and I rented a house, we paid the listing agent a deposit, however the rent was due May 1, The listing agent never contacted us to get the rent.

We moved into the property April 30, The pool was supposed to have been cleaned on May 4, We have not been able to hear from the listing agent.

Paint the Town Review – Is this A Scam or A Site to Avoid -

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this Review Paint A Site Town or Scam Is the Avoid to A – -

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this Review Paint A Site Town or Scam Is the Avoid to A – -

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Paint The Town Review – Is This A Scam Or A Site To Avoid Video

FIVE FIGHTS AT FREDDY'S (Paint the Town Red)

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